Why I Chose the Medical Laboratory Profession

I am always thankful to be working as a medical laboratory technologist, a career I am very passionate about. I remember my journey towards discovering my ideal career, and let me tell you, it was not an easy one. I was in a similar situation as many other students in high school, not fully aware of the full range of career options available to us. And since this crucial decision is made during the second half of high school, many students feel stuck, undecided, and anxious on their career choices prior to entering further studies. Students often choose an educational path during high school without making an informed decision of all the career options available. As a result, there are many new graduates who have trouble finding a job within their field and pursue additional programs in order to acquire more qualifications. I believe a thorough search of the vast number of career options available will help students make an informed decision.

maria in lab

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