Alex Shepard – Cellular Therapies Laboratory Specialist

My name is Alex Shepard and I am a Cellular Therapies Laboratory Specialist. I currently work in the Cellular Therapies Laboratory at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Egleston Campus in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The laboratory supports the bone marrow transplant (BMT) program at Children’s by processing and infusing products obtaining hematopoietic progression cells, or stem cells. The BMT program at Children’s, who performed approximately 100 transplants last year, is one of the largest pediatric transplant programs in the country. In addition to performing autologous and allogenic pediatric transplants for hematologic disorders, Children’s also offers transplantation for immune dysregulation and immunodeficiencies such as severe combined immunodeficiency and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, transplants to cure sickle cell disease by allogeneic transplant or autologous transplant with gene therapy, and CAR-T cell therapy.1

Alex Shepard, Cellular Therapies Laboratory Specialist at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (Children’s)

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