Evy Roussakis – Physiotherapist Assistant

**Evy Roussakis, a recently graduated Occupational Therapist Assistant/Physiotherapist Assistant from Durham College in Oshawa, ON describes her physiotherapy volunteer experience in Hanoi, Vietnam in the summer of 2015.**


Evy Roussakis (left) with a child from the Friendship Village (right)

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George Papadopoulos – Math Education PhD student

**George Papadopoulos is a PhD student at the University of Sydney in Australia, focusing on Tertiary Mathematics Education whilst also working as a lecturer and tutor within the university. After meeting George last year in Greece, it was clear his interest and passion for science and research was boundless, as he is always searching for the truth and logic behind everything. During this interview, he will describe his current and past educational and research experiences.**


George Papadopoulos, PhD student at the University of Sydney

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