Electrochemistry Tutorials

For my next series of chemistry tutorials, I have covered difficult concepts in Electrochemistry.

To begin, I start with a quick review on how to Balance Redox Reactions:

Then, I explain the Activity Series and its order of reactivity:

Finally, I go over the Nernst Equation:

Hopefully, these are helpful! Please comment below for more suggestions of chemistry tutorials.

Titration Tutorials

For the past two years, I have worked as a tutor at my university mainly in undergraduate courses, mainly tutoring chemistry. I have recently made a YouTube channel on chemistry lessons in which past students that have come to me have had trouble with.

For my first set of videos, I have made a four part series on Titrations.

The first part explains Strong Acid-Strong Base Titrations:

The second part explains Weak Acid-Strong Base Titrations:

The third part explains Weak Base-Strong Acid Titrations:

Finally, the fourth part explains Polyprotic Acid-Strong Base Titrations:

In this last tutorial, I have a special guest joining me midway through. You can hear some purring at around 15 minutes in and this is my cat Thomas, joining me and learning about Titrations! He is the true chemistry cat!

Anyway, hope these tutorials are helpful. 🙂