The Case Against Killer Whales in Captivity Part 2: A Profile on Tilikum

In my previous blog, I described the story of the famous killer whale named Keiko and explained the disputes behind his release. In continuing my analysis on marine animals in captivity, I will be focusing on another famous whale mentioned in “Death at SeaWorld: Shamu and the Dark Side of Killer Whales in Captivity” by David Kirby, named Tilikum. Unfortunately, Tilikum is famous for the wrong reasons. Continue reading

The Case Against Killer Whales in Captivity Part 1: A Profile on Keiko

“There’s a place I know in Ontario…” was probably one of the most popular jingles in my childhood growing up in Southern Ontario. While the finale of the jingle sings: “Everyone loves Marineland”, not all living creatures at marine parks are living happily. In fact, most are suffering tremendously. I have always been an advocate for animal rights. Recently, I was recommended the book “Death at SeaWorld: Shamu and the Dark side of Killer Whales in Captivity” by David Kirby by one of my friends who is a passionate advocate for marine animal rights. This book was extremely fascinating, and I have gained significant insight into the controversies surrounding marine theme parks and the different arguments that both sides have. While reading this book, I was fascinated with the stories of two killer whales. For this first blog, I will be covering one of these captivating whales, the infamous Keiko.



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Why is my cat, Patchy, so patchy? The genetics behind the coloring of calico cats.

I have two main loves in my life: science and cats. For the sake of this blog, I thought that it would be fun if I combined the two. I have had many pet cats throughout my life, but I currently have two at home named Thomas and Patchy. Thomas is a sixteen year old white American short hair male cat and Patchy is a fourteen year old female calico cat. As with any other cat parent, I think my cats are unique and have their own distinct personality. Thomas is basically an old geezer, who likes to nap a lot, but who wouldn’t if they were a cat with no responsibilities? He is also extremely intelligent and responds to you when you say his name. With this intelligence, he can also be very stubborn. My other cat, Patchy, is a very lovable and chubby cat. She has hilarious antics of licking uncontrollably when you scratch her lower back. She also routinely performs the downward facing dog pose with her lovely mitten paws outstretched in front of her. Since Patchy is a calico cat, she has many beautiful colors in her fur. What makes the fur of these calico cats so unique and beautiful? The answer to that, my friends, is genetics. Continue reading