Khashayar Farzam – Medical Student

**Khashayar Farzam is a second year Medical Student at the University of New England, Co-Founder and Owner of Prosmestica, and Brand Ambassador for Noowave. He describes his passion and how his past experiences have prepared him for the rigor of medicine.**


Khashayar Farzam

If you had asked me at age 6 what I wanted to do, my answer would be the same every consecutive year: medicine. Through every stage of school I envisioned myself as a medical doctor in the future. Perhaps it was the abundance of specialists and surgeons in my family who I admired. Or my passion for the medical sciences and the scientific art of healing. In retrospect I would think it was in fact all of the above.

Throughout my life I went through various phases which largely consisted of national and international athletic competitions along with rigorous academics. Over the past couple of years I have also evolved into a businessman having co-founded “Prosmetica” – a revolutionary skin care company. Recently I have taken on the role of brand ambassador for the supplement company “Noowave” who pride themselves in providing high end clinically diagnosed supplements. Each of these activities and roles, whether it was being a part of Team Canada or entrepreneurship, proved to me that nothing except medicine would truly satisfy me.

At various points in my athletic career I had my willpower and mental endurance tested to the limits. Spending over 20 hours a week training as a track and field sprinter or spending 4 hours daily training for powerlifting whilst preparing for multiple midterms (where the class average would be <50%) would push me to my limits. The ability to thrive under that much rigorous activity and preparation proved to me that I had the right qualities to pursue a medical career. However I had to evaluate my other passions. Growing up I felt very passionate about entrepreneurship and finance as I ran a couple successful businesses during my undergraduate years. Truthfully I never felt like the business success and money was fulfilling enough. The only thing that provided complete fulfilment for me was medicine.

The big question now is how I knew what medicine would be like to be so confident that it would be fulfilling. This creates the necessity (from a medical school admissions perspective) of having clinical work experience along with physician shadowing experience. I spent over 2 years as a recreation therapist in a palliative care unit working with terminally ill patients. I also spent sessions shadowing physicians ranging from emergency room doctors to family doctors. Having a high GPA or high MCAT score along with a lengthy resume was nowhere near sufficient.

When application season started in summer 2014 there was no doubt in my mind that I was doing the right thing by clicking “submit.” Likewise in March 2015 there was no doubt in my mind that I was doing the right thing by sending “accept” to my offer of admission to medical school.